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Every client with an NDIS plan who accesses more than one service at Out Loud is assigned a Key Worker.  Your Key Worker provides support to your family during your time with Out Loud DS.

The role of your Key Worker is to:

  • Provide a main point of contact for your child / family with our service

  • Facilitate communication within the team

  • Communicate with key people who are part of your therapy journey (ie, school, other health professionals)

  • Coordinate reviews and therapy

  • Help with budget allocation and management 

  • Ensure compliance with NDIS reporting


Your Key Worker is likely to be one of the therapists involved in your care, but may be a different therapist depending on your needs.  We aim to match each client with a Key Worker that can provide them with the best level of support.  We also try to balance how many clients each therapist is the Key Worker for so that they are available and accessible to you across the year.


To help you remember who your Key Worker is and how to get in touch with them, each client receives a magnet with your Key Worker's contact details.  This will stick to your fridge or any other metallic surface you prefer.  Feel free to use a Whiteboard or Permanent Marker to add your own information to this magnet including your next appointment, NDIS plan dates or questions you want to ask at your next review.

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