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We believe in working together as team with families, carers, teachers and parents to deliver effective intervention services that support a family’s goals.

Assessment and Therapy Services:

Initial Assessment


Our initial assessment sessions generally integrate assessment tasks into play to assist us in gaining information about a child’s everyday skills that we can then use to plan therapy.  From this session we learn about a child’s skills, support the family to identify goals, provide home programs to support these goals and discuss additional services as required.  The initial assessment does not include a written report, however these can be requested at an additional fee.  For families with complex needs requiring Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology, we will offer the option of combining an initial assessment to ensure that goals are holistic and to plan therapy services that fit into a family’s everyday life.

Standardised Assessments


Our Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists are able to administer standardised assessments specifically used for funding applications, diagnostic purposes or intervention planning.  They may include a full language assessment, sensory profiles and assessments for fine and gross motor and visual perception. Assessments can take up to three hours to complete and include a comprehensive report.   Assessments may be requested by health professionals, educators, or parents.  ​

Treatment/Intervention Sessions


We tailor our intervention sessions to meet the needs of a child and dependent on the needs of a child therapy sessions are offered for 30 minute, 45 minutes and 60 minutes.  When appropriate we are also able to offer sessions where a Speech Pathologist and Occupational Therapist are both present or session times that allow your child to work with an OT (particularly for children with sensory needs), before moving into a session with a Speech Pathologist.

Therapy Assistant Programs


Out Loud have Therapy Assistant programs available in Bunbury and our regional clinics.  These programs allow us to plan Speech Pathology and/or Occupational Therapy programs that a Therapy Assistant can then complete at a reduced rate. This program is particularly useful for children that require regular support (e.g. weekly or twice weekly).

Additional Services:

Community Visits


We are happy to support our clients within their everyday environments including home, school and daycare.  These can be arranged on request, with travel charged according to travel zones from our Bunbury office.


For families seeking school based support, we request that parents attend an initial appointment with their child where an assessment is completed and goals are identified. Following this initial session, our therapist will then schedule appointments at school that do not require parent attendance.  Periodic clinic based reviews will be arranged throughout the year to ensure we are meeting the goals and priorities for your family when providing therapy at school.



Our team is happy to attend any meetings for the families we work with.  We are able to attend meetings for Individual Education Plans (IEP meetings) and planning for any client transitions.    



Out Loud openly communicates through emails and phone calls with other key agencies involved in a child’s care, ensuring your consent prior to contact being made.  Reports suitable for funding applications / diagnostic assessment are included within the assessment fee structure.  Therapy summaries or handover reports attract additional fees and are available on request.

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