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We are excited to bring you a range of new and returning favourite themes for our programs & hangouts. We will be releasing dates in advance for school holidays & term time programs.  We want you to be able to look ahead and plan the programs that will best suit your therapy schedule.


Download in pdf format by clicking here

Why is it useful for children to attend therapy programs?

While we can teach many skills within a 1:1 session, attending a therapy program allows for practice with peers and provides opportunities to strengthen and consolidate skills through fun and interesting experiences.


How will you meet the goals of each child in the therapy program?

Each therapy program has broad goals we aim to achieve within the communication and functional skills domains.  We also incorporate specific goals for each child attending.  Before a program begins, you will be asked to complete a pre-assessment to identify one goal you would like your child to focus on. Your therapy team will liaise with the program leader to ensure your child’s individual needs are considered within sessions. The program will be adjusted to allow for the individual focus as well as support for life-long skills including building confidence, quality social opportunities, working with others and trying new activities.


What's the difference between a therapy program and a hangout?

Hangouts are single sessions that are two hours long and focus on participation and making connections. Therapy programs are multiple sessions with the same theme, targeting therapy goals including communication, social skills, fine motor skills, sensory or emotional regulation strategies.


Where will therapy program sessions and hangouts be held?

Unless stated, all therapy program sessions and hangouts take place at the main Out Loud clinic: 1 Henley Drive, Bunbury.


Do I need to stay while my child is in a program session or hangout?

We require a parent or caregiver to remain at the Out Loud clinic for the first session of all programs to ensure no difficulties arise with program dynamics.  Your Key Worker may discuss with you the need to stay onsite to support your child’s participation.  Where appropriate, families may be able to leave their child onsite. If you are choosing to leave your child, Out Loud must hold a current Therapy Program Participation Agreement - these are sent to you when confirming your position in our programs.  If you choose to leave, you must be contactable by phone during the program, be within a 10 minute radius during the program and arrive back 10 minutes before the program finishes.  If a program requires parent participation or you are required to remain on site to support your child, we will discuss this with you.


Where can I find the program timetable?

We have two program timetables available - programs running during school holidays and programs running during term.  These can be accessed by clicking on the images below -

PROGRAM BUTTONS 2024 Holidays.png

What program can I select for my child to attend?

Each Out Loud program has a specific set of criteria to promote participation and meaningful outcomes.  Please ensure you read the website details for each program before making a selection.  You can also discuss relevant programs with your Key Worker within an appointment.  Our programs all have a recommended age range, which is stipulated on the website.


How many programs can my child attend?

Participation in our therapy programs requires a high degree of commitment from families and their children. While you are welcome to enrol for multiple programs at once, we ask you to consider the learning and attention that programs require to avoid overloading your family.


How do I register?

To register for a therapy program or hangout, please click on the link on the website next to your preferred program and complete the Eventbrite registration.  Our Program Coordinator will be in touch following the close of registrations to confirm your program attendance and send you a Therapy Program Participation Agreement to complete.  Invoicing is completed separately from Eventbrite by our accounts department. Therapy programs will be billed in full at the commencement of the program.


How is the cost calculated for therapy programs and hangouts?

The investment in our therapy programs is based on the NDIS guidelines and the ratio of team members to children that each program requires. Along with the time children are physically present, the costing includes your therapist’s time to customise the program, individualise goals, document progress notes, report back to parents and purchase and/or prepare the resources required to complete the tasks.


What happens if my child is unable to make all sessions of a therapy program?

Our programs are costed to account for all elements across the duration of the program and shared across all children enrolled to attend.  When enrolling in a program, families are committing to all components of the program including the total cost. We are unable to offer 'makeup' sessions if components of a program are missed. Families are asked to consider their availability to attend all sessions when enrolling in the program as all sessions will be payable even if they are not attended. In some programs, skills build each week and missing one session may make the next difficult, or the overall effectiveness of the program may be diminished.


I have registered my child for a therapy program but need to cancel - what now?

To cancel a place in a therapy program or hangout that you have reserved via Eventbrite registration, please contact our office on 0421 729 625.  Therapy programs can be cancelled at no cost up to a week prior to the program starting.  Within a week, the activities of tailoring the program to your child’s specific goals have already commenced. As per NDIS guidelines, cancellations within 7 days of the program starting will be invoiced.

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